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Taqdeer program is one of the programs that the authority is working on to develop and organize the vehicle evaluation profession. The project also links all the parties related to accidents with a comprehensive and integrated electronic system that will contribute to shortening and facilitating procedures and contributing to the acceleration of compensation processes for those affected in addition to controlling the assessment processes and determining the value of compensation

You can review the grading criteria by clicking Here .

Appreciation fee is 172.5 riyals.

Malkiron has many services that are offered to clients:

- Mobile estimation service at the customer’s site.

- Appraising the market value of the vehicle before the buyer.

Appraising the heirs' cars.

Vehicle valuation before and after the accident.

Estimation of spare parts and repair fees.

Appointment reservation service inside the center.

We have two branches in Jeddah and Riyadh 

You can visit us by clicking on the following link:

Riyadh: King Fahd Road, Al-Qairawan District, the model industrial north of Riyadh


Jeddah: Asfan Road, Smart City, north of Jeddah 


You can contact us via the following numbers: 

RIyadh : 0112141411

Jeddah: 012288777

You can benefit from the mobile estimation service by calling the following numbers:

Riyadh: 0555224909 | 920023050

Jeddah: 0533111788 | 012288777

Terms of service: 

Vehicle registration.

Accident report from the official authorities.

The service can only be requested in the event of minor damages that do not require the vehicle to be lifted.

The owner of the vehicle or the authorized person must be present.


Worktime :

Saturday to Thursday:  From 8:00 AM To 8:00 PM.


Worktime :

Saturday to Thursday:  From 8:00 AM To 8:00 PM.


You can contest the estimate by clicking Here.

It is not necessary to book an appointment to estimate your vehicle but you can book an appointment on the appointments page.

Click Here.

Vehicle registration.

-The accident report number from the official authorities.

We at Malkiron are keen to take opinions, impressions, complaints and observations about our center and the services provided, and the customer can evaluate the experience inside the center.

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