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About Malkiron

Malkiron for estimating traffic accident damage

Malkiron, a company specializing in the field of estimating vehicle accidents with high professionalism and strong mastery stems from accumulated experiences, as our company includes an administrative and technical staff with a high level of experience and efficiency that allows them to provide the best services to our customers, and we always strive in Malkiron to develop and provide services with a competitive advantage for both the user The individual or the governmental and commercial institutions, in connection and integration with the relevant government agencies, such as the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, the General Traffic Department, and Najm, in addition to other relevant bodies.

Therefore, we provide our customers with comprehensive and distinctive services that are executed with high professionalism to keep pace with the aspirations of the Saudi market and meet the needs and requirements of customers, and we are keen to invest the Saudi youth energies in order to create innovative creative solutions based on a comprehensive view and a clear reading of the future, and we also harness our efforts to form long-term partnerships with All governmental and non-governmental authorities and agencies specialized in the field of vehicles (to reach the optimal model in the field of technical inspection of vehicles).

Our vision

We look forward to Malkiron becoming a leading name in the field of estimating vehicle accidents of all kinds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to achieve the highest value for our customers by providing high-quality professional services to ensure that customers' needs are met.

Our Mission

We seek to spread a true concept of the quality of estimating vehicle accidents in the Kingdom, through our diligent and advanced work and our familiarity with all the details of the services we provide with modern and high technologies to ensure a unique experience for all our customers and to implement their requirements perfectly.

Our goals Since the launch of Malkiron in 2011, we have set very important and very necessary strategic goals for us, which makes us accept only to achieve these goals, which we consider to be large and ambitious goals, and we know very well that by reaching them we have reached the real success that we aspire to, and the following are our most important goals :


  • Creating the best vehicle inspection solutions with high creativity and professionalism.
  • Continuous development of our services at accident assessment centers.
  • Ensuring commitment to quality and accuracy and achieving leadership in our services.
  • Ensure commitment to carrying out our services and work on schedule.
  • We strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers and make it our most important goals and ambitions.


Our Values ​​We at Malkiron adhere to a set of values ​​and business principles that we design and consider our path towards progress and success. These values ​​and ethics have contributed to the success of our company and the achievement of our goals and aspirations.


  • Quality of services: We accomplish our work with quality without delay. High quality is an established principle within us and one of our most important values.
  • Efficiency guarantee: We guarantee to provide our vehicle services in Malkiron with the highest possible efficiency and with extremely high professionalism.
  • Dedication of the work team: Our team exerts great energy to implement services in a distinct manner that meets the needs of customers.
  • Respecting our customers: We treat clients with full respect and always strive to meet their requests and needs to the fullest.
  • Honesty and integrity: We consider honesty and integrity in all our dealings with clients as one of our most important values ​​and basic business principles.


Social responsibility We are well aware of our responsibility towards the Saudi society because we are a leading company in the field of estimating vehicle accidents, and we are always looking forward to establishing real and effective partnerships with government agencies and their non-governmental community counterparts, with the aim of strengthening our role towards our social responsibility, and we exert all our energies and efforts to harness our services and work in line with The Kingdom's Vision 2030, in order to be a contributing hand in achieving this vision by supporting society and providing high-quality and valuable services.

Why us

  • Because we have very wide experience in providing vehicle accident assessment services.
  • Because we provide comprehensive vehicle services in an integrated manner that meets all customer needs and requirements.
  • Because our company includes a professional, creative and innovative vehicle service team.
  • Because we put the interest of customers before anything and care about their complete satisfaction in providing our services.
  • Because we guarantee the professionalism of our services because of our attention to the smallest details that may be absent from clients.
  • Because we are committed to and implement our services agreed upon with clients on time without any delay.


Vehicle valuation services

Malkiron offers a vehicle appraisal service through a complete evaluation of it, which allows customers to determine the vehicle's price accurately and appropriately to put it up for sale.

Vehicle accident damage assessment services

Malkiron provides a vehicle accident damage assessment service in accordance with the best international standards and standards in integration with an assessment system on the governance of procedures and technical linkage with all parties concerned with assessing vehicle damage, starting from traffic accident reports and evaluation centers, then spare parts suppliers, and ending with the terminals of insurance companies and traffic departments, In order to facilitate and simplify procedures for those affected by traffic accidents, in addition to ending the financial claim procedures with insurance companies.

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